Blake Andis for Sheriff of Washington County Va

Honest. Reliable. Experienced.

Thank you for visiting the campaign web site to elect Blake Andis Sheriff.  Washington County voters are privileged to have the opportunity to elect a Sheriff to serve as the County’s law enforcement leader. Once elected, the Sheriff is charged with protecting and serving the citizens of Washington County, Virginia.

I, Blake Andis, firmly believe the Sheriff should always hold himself and his deputies accountable so that each call for service is worked and handled with the highest level of quality and integrity. The Sheriff should always be passionate about the level of service delivered and never accept anything less.

Why I am running for Sheriff

I want to make a difference in people’s lives. I am a true believer in crime prevention and preparation for communities. I have the background, experience, education, and training to lead the Sheriff’s Office. The majority of my career has been in criminal investigations and I know the impact of crime and drugs on communities. The impact of drugs in Washington County effects everything from lives being lost to economic development.

I also want to put more officers back into communities by placing more officers in patrol division and implementing a special program for mandatory neighborhood checks. I want to also protect our most valuable assets, our children, by placing more officers in the County schools.

I want to develop a citizen advisory committee to better focus on the needs and wants of the local communities, so that the Sheriff’s Office can change in order to better serve and protect. I have a background of nearly 25 years at the Sheriff’s Office, administrative leadership as Chief Deputy and Chief of Police, very strong faith as a Christian, high expectations of morals and ethics to lead the Sheriff’s Office in what the citizens of Washington County deserve.

  • I am a supporter of the Constitution of The United States.
  • I am a National Rifle Association member.
  • I have implemented programs in law enforcement that were submitted to the Governor of Virginia and received Honorable Mention for technical advances toward crime prevention. I was also awarded a certificate of recognition by Washington County Board of Supervisors for the same.

On November 5, 2019, Elect Republican Candidate Blake Andis Sheriff of Washington County, Va.