Experience & Training

Following his graduation from Abingdon High School, Blake Andis continued his education at Virginia Highlands Community College and Bluefield State College. He is also a graduate of the prestigious University of Louisville Southern Police Academy.

Blake Andis started his career in law enforcement with the Washington County, Virginia Sheriff’s Office as a volunteer and got hired in November 1988 working as a jailer dealing with inmates, persons under arrest, mental health clients, and citizens. He soon became interested in other areas of the Sheriff’s Office and wanted to learn all aspects of its operations.

While working in the jail he attended and was certified as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher for 911 operations, served on the Sheriff’s Office Special Weapons and Tactics team, and helped start the Underwater Recovery team as a scuba diver.

He was later assigned to the patrol division and requested to attend a narcotic detector canine training course designed by the U.S. Customs at the Virginia State Police academy. Blake Andis handled the first drug detecting canines in Washington County for 5 years. He was promoted to the Investigations division were he worked various crimes such as murders, robberies, rape, embezzlement, fraud, etc. He has also attended and helped develop the Virginia School Resource Training course and worked as a school resource officer. Blake has worked as a Narcotic Detective and served as a Federal Task Force Officer working on drug dealers and complicated conspiracy cases. He has also served as a trained and certified operator from the Drug Enforcement Administration in Quantico, VA on the Southwest Virginia Clandestine Lab Team concentrating on methamphetamine lab seizures and safe dismantling in Southwest Virginia. He has the experience in Federal and State Courts and their operations with security, testimonies and procedures.

Blake was promoted in 2003 as Major or Chief Deputy in charge of all divisions at the Sheriff’s Office. He managed the Sheriff’s Office budget, policy and procedures, Court Security, Emergency Medical Dispatch, Patrol Division, Investigations Division, Civil Process, Washington County Jail, Animal Control, School resource, Neighborhood watch, specialized teams such as SWAT, canine teams, mounted patrol, bike patrol, dive team, and various personnel issues.

During his tenure as Chief Deputy, he coordinated in 2006, the Washington County VA Sheriff’s Office initial State accreditation and later reaccreditation State certifications from the Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission. This accreditation process holds the Sheriff’s Office to the highest professional standards including Administration, Operations, Personnel, and Trainings.

While serving as Chief Deputy, he equipped officers with much needed equipment such as shotguns, rifles, specialty tactical equipment, less than lethal equipment, and computers for vehicles. The computers assist officers with live data from the 911 center concerning calls for service and information concerning calls such as officer’s responding, location of officers, and detailed 911 mapping system.

He is also certified as a Department of Criminal Justice Instructor in firearms, drugs, and active shooter. He is a certified instructor from The Department of Homeland Security specializing in the areas of incident response to terrorist bombings, prevention and response to suicide bombers, and understanding and planning for school bomb incidents.

While working as Chief Deputy, he attended the University of Louisville’s Southern Police Academy. The training is a twelve week (480 hour) in-residence, accredited college level educational program. The course curriculum is designed to develop informed, effective, ethically and technically competent law enforcement managers who are capable of assuming positions of leadership.

In June 2012, Blake was chosen to lead the Virginia Highlands Community College Police Department as Chief of Police. He currently serves on various teams such as the Virginia Community College System threat assessment team, Executive Board member Southwest Criminal Justice Academy, and the Washington County/City of Bristol sexual assault response team. He also serves as a trainer for the Citizen Emergency Response Team and a Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Hunter education instructor. He also serves as the Emergency Management Coordinator maintaining campus operations. Responsible for planning, coordinating, maintaining, and updating the Crisis Management Plan including coordination of training programs and emergency operation drills, mitigation plans, OSHA, and the continuity of operations planning process.

Blake is a 2015 graduate of the Washington County Virginia Chamber of Commerce Leadership program. With nearly 32 years of law enforcement experience, education, and training, He has the knowledge of every job and how it is to be properly performed in the Sheriff’s Office. He is a proven leader by example and has worked his way from the beginning through the ranks and will lead the Washington County Sheriff’s Office with hard work and dedication to the profession and the communities he serves.

Sportsmans Club Saltville VA
Competing at the North Fork Sportsman Club in Saltville, Virginia during the Southwest Virginia Tactical Pistol Competition. I was fortunate to win top overall 1st Place Expert Law Enforcement